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photo of Kim SweazyOn behalf of the Board of Directors, volunteers and celebrities, welcome to the 36th Anniversary of the Children’s Charity Classic. Each year we are overwhelmed by the generosity in this community. To those who say that we are just another golf tournament, I would ask them to question the 38 agencies that will receive $370,000 this year. The money we raised will affect over 10,000 children in Central Kentucky.

More importantly, we constantly remind one another that the Classic is not just about golf, it’s about children.

As always, each of you are a part of this special event. Whether you are a volunteer, participant, board member, agency, guest or spectator, you are a member of the Children’s Charity family. Because we are a family we work together and support one another and it is this support that makes us stronger.

Welcome to the 37th Annual Children’s Charity Classic!


Kim Sweazy