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2018 Agency Applications for Funding

Please download these Form A & B, complete, and send to email Donna Rhodus. If you have multiple applications, please combine them into a single PDF file before emailing.

2018 CCBG Application for Funding – Form A
2018 CCBG Applicant’s Projected Annual Budget – Form B

The Mission of the Children’s Charity Fund of the Bluegrass, Inc. is to establish and maintain an ongoing concerted fund-raising effort to benefit local charitable organizations which have as their primary goal the betterment of children of the Commonwealth. When allocations are made in June 2018 this will be the 38th year Children’s Charity has provided funding to agencies in the Bluegrass area.

The Executive Board of Directors of the Children’s Charity Fund of the Bluegrass, Inc. has adopted the following parameters in determining the allocations of funding.

  1. We prefer to give directly to service organizations, not to a conduit organization.
  2. We prefer to not fund salaries.
  3. We will focus our contributions in the Central Kentucky area.
  4. We will only fund 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.

*A requirement of all funded agencies will be to provide a minimum of 5 volunteers for at least one 4 hour shift during the week of the 2018 Children’s Charity Classic.

*Beginning this year funded agencies will be asked to rotate the day they are volunteering from one year to the next. (If your agency volunteered on a Friday last year, they may be asked to provide volunteers on Saturday this year.)